Friday, May 22, 2015

Trial By Stone: Unofficial Dark Crystal Podcast - NEW Podcast Added for May, 2015

A NEW Podcast by Phillip Mitchell is now available for all "Dark Crystal" fans to enjoy ! Click link of choice to listen.

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Episode # 10 May, 2015 

This months a short episode, for host Philip its been a busy month. Find out why in the show. Also he'll chat about the recent article from The Guardian about Shaun Abbess's involvement on the Dark Crystal sequel during the development stage, Philip's opinion on the future of The Dark Crystal and also a little bit of details about the upcoming documentary The Great Conjunction: The Legacy of The Dark Crystal.


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Thursday, May 21, 2015

VIDEO: SCA (School of Cinematic Arts) Presents: "Labyrinth" Chat with Brian Henson

NEW: 'The Muppet Cast' Podcasts - Shows #248, 249 and 250

NEW Podcasts by Steve Swanson are now available for all Muppets fans to enjoy !

CLICK HERE to visit The Muppet Cast website to listen to Show #248 – May 3rd, 2015.

The Muppet Cast NYC Wing reports in this week, with a new audio experience to share from the Big City. The Jim Henson Legacy recently presented a screening event titled “Sell, Sell, Sell: The Commercials of Jim Henson” The event included commercials and industrial films created by Jim in the 1950s and 1960s, and Jarrid Crespo was there to capture all of it for you.

The Great Muppet Haiku Contest Part I continues this week, and several haikus are read on the show. Have you written yours yet? Remember to include the hashtag #muppethaiku and post it for all the world to see! Win yourself a Muppet T-shirt from Studio One (aka “The Muppet Store”) at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

- Steve

CLICK HERE to visit The Muppet Cast website to listen to Show #249 – May 10th, 2015.

It’s Kermit the Frog's 60th birthday, and we’re celebrating with MuppetCast listeners and their Muppet haikus. Hey, Jim always said, take what ya got and fly with it! The first winner in the Great Muppet Haiku Contest is named, and the second contest also starts today, with this episode!

- Steve

CLICK HERE to visit The Muppet Cast website to listen to Show #250 – May 17th, 2015.

The MuppetCast celebrates its 250th episode – and observes 25 years since Jim Henson’s passing – in style this week with a huge new Muppet List segment! Jon Soble (The MuppetCast news man) joins me for an in-depth discussion of Muppet songs from the movies.

- Steve

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VIDEO: Red Nose Day - Kermit and Ed Sheeran's "Rainbow Connection"

Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’ Cast Includes Frank Oz and Dave Goelz

Stitch Kingdom has obtained the full list of voice credits for Pixar’s "Inside Out" coming to theatres on June 19, 2015.

Included in the list are Muppet veterans Dave Goelz (Subconscious Guard Frank) and Frank Oz (Subconscious Guard Dave) — and yes, the credits officially have them reversed.

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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Remembering this, the 25th Anniversary of Jim Henson's Passing

TODAY marks the 25th Anniversary of Jim Henson’s untimely death at the age of 53. 

To this day, he is still in all our thoughts. For many, it just seems like yesterday when we first heard the sudden and shocking news of his passing. 

Please take a moment, CLICK HERE, and visit our 'Jim Henson Tribute Page' to read how Jim has affected so many of us throughout the world. 

If you have any thoughts you would like to be added, please send them to me at 

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Friday, May 15, 2015

VIDEO: Fozzie's Barely Funny Fridays #1


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Disney Insider's Exclusive New Images From the ABC's "The Muppets"

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Jim Henson Remembered: ABC's "The Muppets" Producer Bill Prady Pays Tribute to His Legendary Mentor

From Variety 
CLICK HERE to read original article

Saturday marks the 25th anniversary of Jim Henson’s untimely death at age 53. Bill Prady, co-creator of “The Big Bang Theory” and exec producer of ABC’s new primetime comedy “The Muppets,” began his career at Jim Henson Co. Here he shares his memories of working with the innovative producer and puppeteer whose legacy lives on through the Muppets and other groundbreaking creations. 

Those of us who’d flown in from out of town for the memorial were caught short. There were instructions for the service, one of which was a request that no one wear dark clothing. Steve Whitmire, the puppeteer who would soon learn that he’d been chosen to take over the performance of Kermit, went and bought a white suit. He took it to the Muppet workshop on 67th Street and had them dye it green. That green. 

We gathered at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. People spoke. Big Bird sang. Harry Belafonte sang. All the puppeteers sang – they sat on stools with their puppets held above their heads, their mouths opening in sync with their characters. 

All the puppeteers were there except Jim. Jim Henson was dead.

The Muppet offices were in a townhouse on East 69th Street. Not a lot of people worked there – maybe 60. It was a small place that housed a small company. If he was in town, you saw Jim every day. You saw him in the tiny elevator that rose past pictures of “Sesame Street” characters painted on the inside of the shaft between the second and third floor. You saw him in the big conference room with the ornate carved table (Jim loved carved wood) and the painting of Kermit as “Green Boy” (after Gainsborough). 

Jim was tall. He was gentle. He sounded like Kermit when he talked. He was enthusiastic and filled with ideas. He was also an astonishing performer. There’s not much to the Kermit puppet — it’s practically a sock. But when it was on Jim’s hand, there was another creature in the room. And he was different from Jim. So was Rowlf the Dog and Dr. Teeth, and yet, they were all Jim. 

There was a speed with which things happened with Jim. An idea, a meeting, a sketch on a legal pad became a puppet and then a screen test and then a series. Some things worked. Some things didn’t. You just tried again. Everything he did was rooted in both a big idea and a small idea. “Fraggle Rock” was about tiny silly creatures that lived on the other side of a hole in the wall. But it was also about the environment and interdependence and the notion that we all share the same planet and must care for it. 

Jim was about detail. The edges of things. The small things. Look at the face of one of his puppets. The pupils of the eyes are slightly crossed. Because of that, when the puppet looks into camera, viewers feel it’s looking right at them. Jim looked right at you too. He wasn’t distracted. He wasn’t thinking about something else. He focused. He nodded. He thought. And every now and then you were rewarded with the most amazing three words: “Let’s try that.”

Jim giggled when he laughed. His sense of humor could be sly and wicked. He liked a well-crafted practical joke. There was a wonderful story about an elaborate prank played on a very reserved producer who was told by a straight-faced Jim that the Muppets were going to produce a series of health films that would require them to create talking human private parts. Apparently the meeting went on for half an hour before Jim finally “broke.” 

The people who worked for Jim felt like family and he treated them like family. There were dinners and costume balls and parties on boats. When he moved to California, there were weekly croquet matches on his front lawn. Not gentle croquet — fierce competitive croquet. Croquet to the death. 

I miss Jim every day. It is a cliché to say that the creative and talented never really die, but live on in their work. Jim, if anyone, comes closest to making that true. 

I know this because I ran into Kermit the other day. He says to tell you that he’s doing just fine.

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